Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's A... BOY!!!

Here I am finally writing about my third addition to the family. At the time I am writing this, Harry is now 7 months old to the day. But don't judge me. I have a lot going on in my life. I still remember almost all the details. Here is the story of our little Harry.

March 14th.
I worked a 12 hr shift and, my work sweet coworkers threw me a baby shower, and I came home exhausted. I had been talking that day about how we had officially made it to Brookelynn's gestational age, 36 weeks 1 day. Nothing significant was going on other than the occasional run of Braxton hicks contractions that I had grown so used to with this pregnancy. Oh well. No baby today I guess. I crashed in the bed that night.

March 15th.
12 am.
I awoke at midnight with strong contractions. I was certain that this was probably the night. After alerting my parents that I would probably be calling them to keep the kids soon, I started packing up my bags and planning what they would need for the next three days without me. About 5 minutes later, I decided my parents needed to be on their way. I showered, and breathed and tried to hang in there as the contractions went from ouch to OUCH!!! to put it nicely. I still had control but going natural was proving to be as complicated as I had expected.

1:45 am.
As soon as my parents arrived, we were on our way. I texted Dr Heaton to tell her I was on the way if she was going to deliver this baby. I did have the fear in my mind that since it was my third baby, I could be 10 cm and deliver in the car on the way. It hurt like I could at least. But we made it to the hospital and in plenty of time.

My nurse said I was 4 cm when I arrived. I made my proclamation that I would try to do this naturally but as my labor pains intensified rapidly, I chickened out. Give me the EPIDURAL!!! Time slowed down substantially once my pain was extremely intense. We waited a while for Dr. Hudson who was on call, and waited a while for the Dr. Campbell, the on call anesthesiologist. Finally...relief. I did want to go natural just so I could say I did, but epidurals are really, really nice. No shame in them. None at all. I'll try again next time.

A few minutes after epidural relief, I was 7cm! What the what? See if I had known how far along and how fast I was progressing, I might have stuck it out... maybe. But too late for that now. Aunt Jenny arrived just after I was comfortable and was assigned the job as photographer.

5:20 am.
 I rested for about 30 minutes before Dr. Bill Hudson came in to tell me that my strip looked like I was completely dilated. And I was. Look how fast that was. Thank you third baby!!! We were so close to seeing what this little surprise baby would be. Harrison "Harry" Lane or Selah Anne? The nurses quickly set the room up for our little 36 week and 2 day baby and it was time to have a baby.

5:45 am
All set and ready for our baby. Photographer in place. Dr. Hudson hung out in the room. Small talk is being made about how Dr. Heaton will be so disappointed about missing this birth. But, the birth must go on. Everyone is guessing what the baby will be and how big the baby will be. I held Brandon's hand. We were about to be a family of FIVE!


6:02 am.
One push, and it's a... BOY!!! Harrison Lane Ellis. Our Baby Harry. He came into the world so easily. 6 hrs of labor and 1 push. And that's just what he's been since his birth; a sweet, easy going baby.

 Mommy's happy tears. I cannot describe the amazing feeling happiness when you meet and hold your newborn baby. That feeling of intense love is more than my emotions can handle. I have to cry my happy tears.

 Welcome to the family little love. We are so very excited you are here!

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