Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh How I Dread Painting.

Painting. I hate it. It drives me crazy. It makes me nuts. It never seems to end. I can't wait until its over but I can't get it together enough to finish the project. We always need something from Lowes to move on to the next step and we never have it. So off to the store we go...or we put if off yet another day. I'm so tired of it. So Tuesday, I WILL finish - at least I HOPE I will finish.  We shall see if the littles let me have a couple of hours to get it done. If I get it done, then I can get my husband to move all the furniture from my old bedroom into my freshly painted new bedroom. I get to go buy new pillows and a new comforter insert to put into my new bedding that I saved up and bought/splurged at one of my favorite stores, Pottery Barn. I can redecorate and do all the "fun" things that come with changing bedrooms. Why have I been so unmotivated when all this fun stuff is ahead and why in the world would I take on the project of changing bedrooms in the first place? Well, more to come...

P.S. I will post pictures of my new bedroom when it's all done. I'm getting more and more motivated as I think about it. Come on Tuesday!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Pish! A Pish!

We were invited to attend a birthday party today of some friends of Brandon's parents. It turned out to be quite a fishing trip. The kids had a blast and Haynes even participated... well, sort of. He helped reel in the fish but as soon as it surfaced, he was afraid of it. According to him, catfish "have big, scary whiskers!" I agree buddy. Yuck!

Papa caught a "pish," as Brookelynn calls it.

These babies LOVE thier pizza. 

Helping reel fish in.

He was afraid of the fish once it came out of the water.

A great big PISH!

Wow. What an appetite.