Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barons Baseball Game

We took the kids to their first Barons Baseball game Friday night. Let me first just say that the new stadium, Regions Field is such a family friendly and fun place! I was so happy to see that. As for our experience, the kids had as much fun as they can have watching a game that is beyond their understanding that started at their bedtime. Aside from the fact that they walked up and down the stadium isle billions of times, making everyone lift their knees to their chest as they moved from person to person, they did pretty well. They marveled at the field and the lights and the scoreboard. They loved the sound effects played over the loud speaker. They recognized the "man with the ball" was the pitcher and the "man with the bat" was the batter. They thoroughly enjoyed the peanuts and even stole some dippin dots icecream from Grandaddy and Grandmama. Although it was on the muggy side, the weather wasn't too bad. But don't talk to Harry about that. He, with his well known disdain for the heat, was less than thrilled about his first game.


We met up with our friends the Dixons and they sat right in front of us!


After the game, they do a fireworks show on Friday nights. Now I didn't tell the kids about this part because we might not have gotten them in the stadium if they knew they had fireworks to look forward to. They had melt downs just a few weeks ago on July 4th at the sight and sound of the neighborhood fireworks so we spent the night in our living room floor watching "Thunder on the Mountain" live in the quiet of our home. I hoped this experience would be better. Alas, when Haynes figured out that fireworks were about to begin, he sat like this about five whole minutes prior to the first blast. Bless his heart. As soon as they started, Brookelynn ran to me crying, fear in her eyes. But as we all know, fireworks shows end almost as soon as they start. What may have seemed like forever to them, seemed like only a minute to me. After the grand finale of fireworks and Brookelynn's dramatics, do you know what she did? She clapped for the fireworks and said "That was soooo fun!" That pretty much sums up what I think was everyone's feeling about the entire night. It was very fun and we plan on doing it again soon.