Sunday, March 3, 2013

Date Night with my Baby Boy

Last night was a special night for me and my boy. We went on a date and then went to see Haynes' FIRST musical. Maybe it wasn't as big of a deal to him, but its was a very nostalgic moment for me. We went out to eat with my sisters first. Haynes always enjoys time with his aunts. He doesn't get that much of that. We shared a nice (but slightly rushed) dinner and Haynes even got a smoothie since he was my special date. He will go on a date with me any time now - just for another smoothie. Then we rushed off to see the play. I was quite excited to see this play because the music, lyrics, and story were written by one of my dear friends, Martin Landry and his lovely wife, Janice. They did a phenomenal job. It was hilariously entertaining, had a wonderful message and was just plain fun to watch. The kids obviously had a great time doing the play as well and the actors and actresses were great. Well done Crossroads Christian! That's how I felt about it all. Of course, I was concerned that taking my 3 year old little BOY to sit through a 2 hr long play that started AT HIS BEDTIME could potentially turn out to be a very bad decision but I was pleased to see that Haynes seemed to be thoroughly entertained as well. He is always so funny about noise. Loud noises (many people singing, kids choir, a really loud room, etc) make him anxious and the first thing he does is cover his ears. He did exactly as I expected and covered his ears whenever they sang or the cast got loud. However, he watched intently as they danced and acted out their roles. He was very intrigued. By the end of the first act, he had become more comfortable with the situation and was much more at ease. At intermission, I rushed him straight back to potty. Remember that smoothie? Yeah. It dawned on me somewhere in the first act that it may have been a terrible idea to give him a big drink that he guzzled right before we had to sit for a long period of time. He did just fine. Man, he is really growing up. By the second act, there was no more ear holding. He was downright laughing right along with the rest of the crowd and seemed to have picked out his favorite characters to watch. He giggled everytime he saw someone do something funny. It was a joy to watch his reaction to their play. I wish I were able to capture a picture of his smiles and giggles but I feel sure I would have been strongly disliked if I started snapping pictures of my own kid out in the crowd as the play went on. He did truly enjoyed his first show.
Who would have thought that the first play I ever took my first baby to would be a play written my my dear friends? It will forever be a special night to me. My first date with Haynes, his first of many musicals - and a very special musical at that. I love that thought.

Thank you Martin and Janice for your creative and entertaining work! You guys did an awesome job and we enjoyed it very, very much.