Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet our Baby #3!

A little while after birth and feeding Harry for the first time, who by the way fed like a champ, it was time for him to meet some very important people!

 First Bath. Getting ready for the family.

 There she is! Dr. Heaton was so sad that she missed the delivery again. She came in about an hour and a half after his birth to snuggle and hold him for a few minutes before starting her day. I love her.
I wrapped my little present up in a gender neutral blanket and tied him up with a bow. Then we let Haynes and Brookelynn come in first and see meet their new little sibling before anyone else.

 What is this baby? A boy or a girl?

 A baby brother!

 Haynes is pleased with his new little brother.
 Waiting for the family...

 It's a BOY!!!

 First family picture.

 Harry gave Haynes and Brookelynn each presents to celebrate his arrival. They were quite excited about it.

 Aunt Jenny is exhausted from her early night and Aunt Allison is holding her new nephew.



Our little prince arrived at 6:02 am on March 15th, 2013. After meeting our little angel and a brief time holding and loving on him, I passed him off to the nurses and let them take him to the warmer to be checked by the nurse practitioner. Since he was "preterm" at 36 weeks 2 days, we had her in the room for his delivery.

Now for the moment we had all been waiting for. How much did he weigh?
6 lb. 12 oz. He was our biggest baby! Yikes! I was so thankful he was early at this point because he would have been a HUGE baby for me at 39 weeks or even term. I couldn't believe how big he was. He didn't seem that big. Maybe it was all his hair. He had the thickest hair of the three as well.

 Daddy talking to his boy.
 Dr. Hudson beaming with his newest delivery... and about to text Dr. Heaton the picture and get chewed out for not calling her. Oh she was pretty ticked at him. But I guess they forgave each other.

 Hey there love!

I could have a hundred of babies and never tire of these moments right after birth. It's the labor and delivery nurse in me.